Create a Blog Microcourse

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Create a blog
Course description: The micro-course is required for all professional learning in TOOL.  This introductory course is intended as a novice exploration of professional educator blogging. Participants will learn the basic elements of a blog, walk through the first steps of creating and organizing a blog, learn best blogging practices, and discover tips for getting started.  

This micro-course may be completed individually or as the initial step in the Effective Online Teaching Course. This course is offered as a free and verified learning path.  There are four sections. The course will take 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

How to enroll in Create a Blog

1) Click “Register” and complete the form.

2) Sign into TOOL as a user.

3) From the dashboard, click “Find Courses”.

4) Select Type: Learning paths.

5) Determine if you plan to complete the course free or pay for verification. To learn more about free and paid learning paths or courses, please click FAQ from the navigation bar at the top of the Georgia Virtual Learning – Professional Learning webpage. Next enroll in the appropriate course. Begin the course.

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